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Wellmade offers free sessions throughout Europe in 2014

Providing fashion companies with tools to improve labour conditions.
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After recent disasters in Bangladesh and Cambodia everybody realises that real change is necessary. CNV Internationaal and Fair Wear took the initiative to develop the Wellmade programme, to help provide everyone working in European clothing companies with tools to improve labour conditions.

These tools will help them to understand the major labour issues that they have influence over, and how they can support better conditions Wellmade sessions are offered at a wide range of trade fairs and professional events across Europe, and are supported by WellMade project website, which features a growing collection of case studies and resources developed by the project partners and organisations in their network.

Brands face challenges in making sustainable
improvements to working conditions in their supply chains"

Many apparel brands have developed Corporate Social Responsibility departments, and have adapted Codes of Conduct, but still face challenges in making sustainable improvements to working conditions in their supply chains. And many individuals working in the apparel industry know that conditions could be better in factories, but aren’t sure what they can do to help.

And this is no surprise – modern supply chains are extremely complex. Even within a single brand, decision making is often decentralised across many different departments with many different specializations.

Everyone involved in
bringing products to market
has an influence
over factory conditions

But the levels and types of influence vary enormously from brand to brand. The relationships between businesses and human rights in international supply chains is just starting to find its way into formal design and business education.

WellMade sessions are free for anyone attending an event where they are given, and the website content is open to the public. No affiliation or membership with any of the partners or affiliates is required.

Free WellMade sessions are offered at the following fashion events next months:

  • PSI Dusseldorf 8-10 January

  • Heimtextil Frankfurt 8-11 January

  • Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 14-16 January

  • ISPO Munich 26-29 January

  • Munich Fabric Start 4-6 February

  • Texworld Paris 17-20 February

WellMade brings together a unique group of NGOs, business associations and trade unions who are willing to share their expertise and commitment to improving labour conditions in apparel supply chains. The views and knowledge of all three groups are needed to implement sustainable improvements for garment workers around the world.

The WellMade project is an initiative of Fair Wear Foundation, CNV Internationaal, Christliche Initiative Romero, Etical Trade Initiative UK and SOMO

The partners would like to acknowledge the generous support of the European Union in making WellMade possible. This website reflects the views only of the authors, and the Union cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Publication date 05 01 2014