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Let the facts work for workers

A living wage and a safe working environment are important topics for unions when negotiating with employers. In order to be able to represent workers properly, unions can use CNV Internationaals' 100% Fair Work Monitor. Local unions can use the tool to make their own survey. Workers can complete this survey, easily and anonymously, on a tablet or phone. This way local unions know exactly if workers earn a living wage and if they feel safe.  


This is a powerful tool for local unions. It will strengthen the position of workers during negotiations. 
                                                                       Elles van Ark, director of CNV Internationaal


In Latin-America CNV Internationaal successfully monitors the sugarcane sector. Important steps towards a living wage will be taken in the new Bonsucrostandard for sustainable sugar production. The monitoringtool plays an important part in mapping the gap between the wage that is being paid to workers and a living wage. 

Have a look at our sugar monitor

Textile industry 

The 100% Fair Work Monitor was also used for the negotiations of the minimumwage in the textile industrie in Cambodja in 2022. Unfortunately this didn't lead to a living wage for the workers. Millions of people working in the textile industry still don't earn enough to pay for housing, food, school and medical care. 

CNV Internationaal remains fully committed to the development and improvement of the tool. This way more local unions will be able to use the 100% Fair Work Monitor to achieve their goals: 100% Fair Work for everyone.  

Millions of textile workers don't earn a living wage.