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Everyone has the right to good work

CNV Internationaal

Organisation and objective


Name: Stichting (=Foundation) CNV Internationaal

Tax number: 851304485

Public Benefit Organisation
CNV Internationaal is recognized as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) in the Netherlands. The approval came into effect on January 12, 2012. 


Visiting adress        
Tiberdreef 4                
3561 GG  Utrecht

P.O. Box                       
P.O. Box 2475    
3500 GL  Utrecht
The Netherlands

+ 31 30 751 1260      
+ 31 30 751 1100



Everyone has the right to good work

Everyone has the right to good work. We have been fighting poverty for more than 50 years by working with independent unions in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia to improve working conditions for workers in the formal and informal economies. Think of wages high enough to live on, a safe workplace for women as well as men, the right to negotiate on behalf of a trade union and a stronger position for young workers. Conditions taken for granted in the Netherlands, but far from achieved in many other countries in the world.

How we work

CNV International works on social dialogue, on the employability of young people and on labour rights in (international) production chains, and is active in the palm oil, sugar, mining, textiles and metal industries, among others. We are the development organisation of the Dutch trade union CNV, and we work closely with international partner unions.

We train colleagues from abroad to become strong negotiating partners in their own countries and strengthen the voices of young people and women. We do this by providing courses, exchanging knowledge and using our network. In addition, we work together with the Dutch government and the Dutch business community in making their international production chains more sustainable, e.g. by providing advice and laying down commitments for international responsible business conduct in voluntary IRBC agreements.

Who we are

CNV Internationaal is an independent foundation. In the Netherlands, it is affiliated to the National Confederation of Christian Trade Unions (CNV). Together with its partner organisations, CNV Internationaal protects and promotes workers' rights based on the principles of international solidarity, personal responsibility, social dialogue and pluralism. In the Netherlands, CNV Internationaal contributes, working with the CNV confederation, to improving working conditions through lobbying, policy influencing and awareness building.

Main programmes

CNV Internationaal receives funding for its activities from various sources, among others: 

  • CNV Internationaal is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands within the framework of the Trade Union Co-financing Programme for the implementation of its projects. Learn more on our current programme 'Dialogue@Work'. 
  • CNV International, together with the Fair Wear Foundation and Mondiaal FNV,  also started the Strategic Partnership for Garment Supply Chain Transformation an innovative programme by Fair Wear Foundation, CNV Internationaal and Mondiaal FNV, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  • CNV Internationaal participates in various Dutch Agreements for International Responsible Business Conduct.
  • Furthermore, CNV International participated in the Civic Engagement Alliance (Strategic Partnership Alliance) funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 2016-2020. Learn more.
  • Various projects of CNV Internationaal with local partners in Cambodia, Colombia and Moldova, have been made possible thanks to a financial contribution from the European Union.
  • Many CNV members and sympathizers are involved in the work of CNV International. They contribute as a friend and donor to the work of union colleagues throughout the world.
  • In Dutch Collective Bargaining Agreements in different economic sectors, various CNV organisations regularly make arrangements for contributions to the work of employee organizations elsewhere. This is what we call International Collegiality.



The Board of CNV is also the Board of CNV Internationaal and consits of 

  • President CNV Internationaal - Anneke Westerlaken 
  • Secretary / Treasurer CNV Internationaal - Jan-Pieter Daems


  • Piet Fortuin: CNV President and President of  CNV Vakmensen (CNV Union for private sector employees)).
  • Patrick Fey:  CNV Vice-president and President  CNV Connectief and CNV Overheid en Publieke Diensten (CNV Union for Government and Public Services employees).
  • Jan-Pieter Daems: Board member CNV Confederation
  • Justine Feitsma: President CNV Jongeren (CNV Youth organisation)
  • Anneke Westerlaken (President of CNV Zorg en Welzijn (CNV Connectief), CNV Union for Health and Wellbeing employees. 



Who we are | what we do 

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Elles van Ark

Elles van Ark

Managing Director

Maurice van Beers

Maurice van Beers

Regional Coordinator Latin America

Roeland Boes

Roeland Boes


Olivia Bwalya

Olivia Bwalya

Project Assistant

Marjolein Groenewegen - contact

Marjolein Groenewegen

Senior Programme Officer  

Marjolein Hammink

Communication Officer

Corita Johannes - contact

Corita Johannes

Communication Officer 

Isabelle de Lijser

Isabelle de Lijser

Programme Officer Indonesia & Vietnam


Nicole Mathot - clic for contact details

Nicole Mathot

Regional coordinator Africa

Jan Ridder - contact

Jan Ridder

Senior Programme Officer 

Lieke Ruijmschoot- click for contact information

Lieke Ruijmschoot

Programme Officer Asia & Advisor Social Dialogue

Imron Sahetapy

Imron Sahetapy 

PMEL coordinator 


Hanneke Smits - clic for contactdata

Hanneke Smits

Regional Coordinator Asia

Marieke de Vries den Hollander - contact

Marieke de Vries den Hollander



Nicole Vrolijk - contact

Nicole Vrolijk

Programme Assistant

Anne Wehkamp

Anne Wehkamp

Decent Work



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