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Name:  Stichting (=Foundation) CNV Internationaal
Tax number:   851304485
Public Benefit Organisation  CNV Internationaal is recognized as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) in the Netherlands. The approval came into effect on January 12, 2012. 
Visiting adress  Tiberdreef 4                
3561 GG  Utrecht
P.O. Box  P.O. Box 2475    
3500 GL  Utrecht
The Netherlands
Telephone   + 31 30 751 1260      
+ 31 30 751 1100


CNV Internationaal’s mission is to contribute to Decent Work in developing countries by applying the CNV principles of international solidarity, individual responsibility, social dialogue and pluralism.
CNV Internationaal achieves this strengthening of the position of employees in both the formal and informal economy through strong social partners and by promoting sustainability in the chain. 
In the Netherlands, CNV Internationaal – together with the CNV Confederation and the CNV trade unions – contributes to Decent Work in developing countries through lobbying, policy and awareness campaigns.


The Board of CNV is also the Board of CNV Internationaal and consists per 1 April 2024 of 

  • President CNV Internationaal - Daniëlle Woestenberg
  • Secretary / Treasurer CNV Internationaal - Jan-Pieter Daems


Supervisory Board 

  • Arend van Wijngaarden, President
  • Marianne Luyer, Member
  • Louise van Deth, Member


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Elles van Ark
Maurice van Beers
Daantje Bras
Olivia Bwalya
Wouter van Dis
Marjolein Groenewegen - contact
Alien Huizing
Corita Johannes - contact
Rose van der Laan
Nadia Kikach
Isabelle de Lijser
Nicole Mathot - clic for contact details
Margot Offerijns - junion programme officer Asia click for more information
Myrthe Peek
Imron Sahetapy
Nicole Vrolijk - contact
Anne Wehkamp