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Our Work

CNV Internationaal Foundation is part of the National Confederation of Christian Trade Unions CNV in the Netherlands. CNV Internationaal has worked with trade unions in developing countries since its establishment in 1967. 

Together with its partner organisations, CNV Internationaal protects and promotes workers’ rights by means of a consultative and coherent model, based on Christian social thought.

Social dialogue, trade union pluralism and workers’ individual responsibility are key values. CNV Internationaal’s mission is to contribute to Decent Work in developing countries by strengthening the position of workers in the formal and informal economy.

CNV Internationaal focuses on: 

For more information on CNV Internationaal's activities, we refer to the information on our current main programmes below:


A world that works 

In the video "a world that works" international trade union leaders explain what this cooperation means for their organisations and for workers in their countries.

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