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International Responsible Business Conduct: Factsheets Dutch IRBC agreements 

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Making the case for higher wages in the Cambodian garment sector > 

Report by Profundo, commissioned by CNV Internationaal on the Fair Work Monitor to provide key data on income and expenses of workers in the textile sector in Cambodia, to understand the economic situation of workers. Data were collected thanks to unions CLC, C.CAWDU, CATU, INTUFE and FTUWKC, among workers in the textile sector.  (2023)

Labour Rights Observatory, First anual report for the Latin American cane sugar sector >Report by Profundo commissioned by CNV International from Fair Work Monitor survey among sugar cane workers in Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua Translation of Spanish >

Occupational Safety and Health Risks The situation of direct and outsourced mining workers in Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru> 

Report by Profundo commissioned by CNV International regarding Fair Work Monitor research among mining workers Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru.  This study among both temporary workers and people on permanent contracts could be carried out thanks to a contribution from the Dutch international CSR covenant for the metal sector. (2023)



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