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Join forces at EU level for sustainable supply chains

Call EU for proposing ambitious due diligence legislation

Employer’s organizations and labor unions in the Netherlands jointly call upon the European Commission to propose ambitious due diligence legislation that incentivizes sectoral cooperation. In an article on CNV president Piet Fortuin pleads together with VNO-NCW and FNV that European business and union leaders  need to work together to foster sustainable international supply chains.

The current debate is on European due diligence legislation to foster responsible business conduct. Policymakers risk losing sight of the end goal: reducing labor, human and environmental rights risks in international supply chains. With negative impact in supply chains continuing to occur and the fact that too few companies are undertaking meaningful due diligence, it is clear that ambitious European due diligence legislation is paramount.

Publication date 03 02 2022

Read the Politico article here