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Trade unions in Indonesia call for law against sexual violence

Good legislation contributes to the safety of workers in the textile industry. The Indonesian Garment Workers Alliance states this in a press release this week, in which they argue for the adoption of the Bill of Elimination of Sexual Violence. Millions of people work in the textile industry in Indonesia, the majority of the employees are women. Partner union Garteks-KSBSI of CNV International is one of the initiators of The Indonesian Garment Workers Alliance.

Previous research* shows that over 56 percent of women in the textile industry have experienced sexual harassment at work; from nasty comments to assaults. CNV International is a partner of the Garteks-KSBSI trade union, which has been committed to improving working conditions in the textile industry in Indonesia for years. The Indonesian trade union, for example, provides (resilience) training to employees and managers on how to prevent sexual harassment.

ILO Convention 190

Garteks-KSBSI is one of the initiators of the Indonesian Garment Workers Alliance against sexual violence in the workplace. The trade unions involved spoke with the Indonesian parliament last week about the importance of passing the Elimination of Sexual Violence law. Clear legislation can make it easier to make good collective labor agreements about working safely. In addition, the unions called for the adoption of ILO Convention 190 in Indonesia. This convention of the international trade union movement offers employees protection against sexual violence in the workplace.

* Research by Marahdika Women “Sexual Harassment and Ignorance of Maternity Rights in Garment Workers: A Study of Women Garment Workers at KBN Cakung in 2017”.

Publication date 03 09 2021