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Textile workers don't earn enough salary to get by

Too little money to live on

A disappointing outcome from the negotiations in Cambodia for a minimum wage for employees in the clothing industry. The employees will get a $6 raise in 2023. more next year. This means they receive a salary of $200 a month. This won't be enough to make it a living wage.

A digital survey from our union partner this summer, made clear that the average fixed costs of textile employees are around $300 a month.

"When I've finished my work in the textile factory, I drive a tuktuk to get by."

Som Chandy, works in a clothing factory and is unionleader:

We did a research before we started the negotiations for employees in the textile factory. We used a digital survey that  people could fill out easily on their phone.

But unfortunately the salary  will only go up by $6 next year. Our proposal, a minimum wage of $215 a month, was very reasonable. I am disappointed with the negotiation results. To earn some extra money I work as a tuktuk driver after working hours. I enjoy my volunteer work for the union, because I want my co-workers to be treated fair and right.

It would be nice if the clothing brands would be better informed about the situation. They could increase the pressure in order to realize a living wage for all workers.

Publication date 04 11 2022