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Union leaders Cambodia released on bail

Direct Contact Mission ILO seems to be fruitful

Eight out of eleven Cambodian trade union leaders, who were arrested during peaceful actions at the beginning of this year, have been released on bail. While it is positive that they can now be home again, it does not appear that the charges against them have been dropped. The eight union leaders released are all women, three male detainees are still in prison. 

The eleven union leaders and members were arrested early this year during peaceful protests against a mass layoff at employer NagaWorld Casino. The Labour Rights Supported Union of Khmer Employees of NagaWorld (LRSU) organized the protests. CNV International supported the international call for the release of the imprisoned trade union leaders. CNV members also supported this. The LRSU is not a partner union of CNV International. 

Later this month, a Direct Contact Mission will be organised by the International Labor Organization (ILO) in Cambodia. It seems that this international meeting has enlarged the pressure on authorities to release the union leaders now. Trade union partners of CNV International will participate in this international meeting. 

Want to raise your voice? The LabourStart Campaign is still active - pleading for the immediate release of all imprisoned activists!

Publication date 16 03 2022