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Speak out for the workers making your clothes

Woldwide, textile workers are being exploited. Consumers are getting behind the #TOGETHERWESPEAK campaign, which runs from 22 to 24 September. CNV Internationaal is joining this campaign

On Friday 22 September, #blackoutfriday, we will first take a moment to reflect. We will reflect on the suffering of women in clothing factories who are not safe at work, and who face intimidation, discrimination and violence in the workplace. We will reflect on the many employees in companies who do not have the freedom to organise themselves and join a union

We are asing consumers to speak out too, starting from 23 September, by using social media to show that they choose ‘fair clothing’. You can use the hashtags #TOGETHERWESPEAK and #FAIRWEAR plus a recognisable picture of a clothing label to ask your favourite clothing brand for transparency on the working conditions under which their garments are made. Post your picture and your question on social media and tag your favourite brand.

"As a consumer, you can contribute to fairer working conditions by raising awareness for exploitation.”

Arend van Wijngaarden
CNV board member

Publication date 20 09 2017