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Outsourcing in Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia 

Identify and understand the hidden risks in mineral supply chains

Outsourcing can involve risks which lead to violations of labour rights, moreover, these outsourcing practices can often be difficult to identify through standard due diligence measures.

Open side event to the OECD 2021 Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains

In thisonline sessionregistered 29th of April acase studyis presented by various partners of the Dutch IRBC Agreements, a multi-stakeholder initiative consisting of companies, investors, and trade unions.

Panelists share their experiences, best practices, and perspectives on how to mitigate the risks related to outsourcing in the mining value chain.


Learn more about the issues of outsourcing in the metal supply chain from our  case study paper:


Position paper Outsourcing in metals supply chains



Outsourced miners | The hidden face of mining in Peru

To get a brief understanding of  the situation watch this video.
 The case study paper will be available here within a few days.

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Publication date 13 04 2021