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Human Rights and Garment Conference

The Strategic Partnership for Garment Supply Chain Transformation is organizing a joint stakeholder conference on the 18th of May in The Hague. The conference will focus on sharing best practices and working together to move towards a more sustainable garment industry.

This conference will connect trade unions, NGOs, governments, garment brands, international organisations and other important influencers who play a role in instigating change.

Christiaan Rebergen, Director General for International Cooperation, will open the conference on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Speakers include Jennifer Schappert of the OECD and Jef Wintermans, the coordinator of the Dutch Covenant for Sustainable Clothing and Textiles.

Human Rights and Garment Conference

Key conference topics

Living wage, social dialogue and gender based violence

The programme will include

  • Expert panels on:
    - Who is needed to create change in the industry?
    - The importance of proper due diligence in garment supply chains

  • Sharing inspiring best practices regarding effective ways to improve working conditions.

  • Interactive workshops on establishing living wages, constructive social dialogue and reducing gender-based violence

Registration is open to the above mentioned categories of stakeholders. However, capacity is limited. If you wish to register or if you wish to receive more information please contact:

Full Programme 18 May ConferenceTransforming the garment supply chain

The Strategic Partnership for Garment Supply Chain Transformation is an innovative programme aimed at improving labour conditions in the garment industry. It is an initiative undertaken by Fair Wear Foundation, Mondiaal FNV and CNV Internationaal, with support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Publication date 19 04 2017