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Colombian government promises to listen to the mine workers

Government and Workers' Collective meet to discuss steps for just transition in coal sector 

The Colombian Mineworkers Collective welcomes the government's willingness to incorporate the collective's proposals to the National Development Plan, the Mining Code and the Labour Statute. The next step in the new year is to concretise the plans. 

On 14 December, the Workers Collective invited different ministries for an Inter-institutional and Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue Forum on Just Energy Transition in coal mining.

CNV Internationaal and the Worker’s collective welcomed the government’s interest in including the Workers’ Collective proposals that aims to ensure decent work and life for coal workers. 

Meanwhile, in view of the current worldwide energy crisis that has given coal demand and production a new boost, the Worker’s Collective also calls to review the hourly contracts. By law, working hours may not exceed 10 hours per day; yet, workers work 12-hour shifts in life-threatening conditions. 

In addition, Ana Catalina Herrera, Coordinator of CNV Internationaal for Colombia, says:

Mine closure plans need to be regulated; number of personnel should not be downsized before total closure.


Many miners suffer from health problems because of the extreme working shifts in this high-risk industry. The 12-hour shifts make it nearly impossible to live a normal family life. Many fear they will not reach pension age in good health because of the demanding working conditions. The miners denounce the lack of responsibility the companies take that are closing operations today. 


In the context of decarbonisation, social dialogue is crucial to make sure the coal workers are heard. More so on the eve of the elaboration of a National Development Plan in Colombia, the drafting of the Labour Code as well as a roadmap for a just energy transition in this country.

Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue


On 14 December, during the Inter-institutional and Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Just Energy Transition in coal mining forum organised by CNV Internationaal, members of the Workers' Collective for a Just Transition had the opportunity to talk to different Colombian ministers and senators. 

Workers shared with them how returning mining titles by Prodeco affects them. They also shared their proposals to create a just energy transition in the country. 

Interinstitutional forum

Workers share their proposals to create a just energy transition

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Publication date 30 01 2023