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Who we are and what we do

CNV Internationaal, for 100% fair work

100% Fair work, that is what CNV Internationaal is working for every day in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We do this by working together closely with local partner trade unions and by investing in good cooperation with other partners, such as companies and governments. Fair work means that people can work safely and in all freedom, earning a living wage. Freedom of association (FoA) and social dialogue are important conditions for achieving this.

100% Fair Work means that women and young people have the same opportunities on the labour market as everyone else: no discrimination in working conditions (e.g. wages, holidays, etc.)


100% Fair Work also entails that we investigate the safety, health and freedom of workers. For this, CNV Internationaal and its partner trade unions make use of innovative tools such as accessible, digital surveys. To know exactly what is going on with workers strengthens our position at the negotiating tables. Moreover, it enables us to measure improvements and the impact of our work.

How we work

CNV International works in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to make progress in the domains of

CNV Internationaal focuses on improving the rights of workers in supply chains. So people making our clothes in Vietnam or extracting the metals for our mobile phones from the mines in Peru can do their work safely and are paid a fair wage.

Everyone in the production chain benefits from a sustainable and constructive dialogue between trade unions and employers - not only employees, but subcontractors and governments as well. Independent trade unions are familiar with the interests of employees. They can therefore represent them effectively in negotiations with employers.

CNV Internationaal exchanges information with trade unions in the areas that are mentioned above. Together, we work on innovation and organise training, on social dialogue or female leadership, for instance.

To companies working in the chains, CNV Internationaal offers information through webinars, meetings and reports and training, providing them with greater insight into the situation in a country or chain. As a result, they are able to work more intensively on international corporate social responsibility (ICSR). 

Where we work

CNV International works to improve labour rights, especially in the international supply chains of:

Working together

CNV Internationaal is a non-profit foundation, closely connected with the CNV Vakcentrale. CNV Internationaal seeks to cooperate with companies, governments and foundations in order to increase its impact. In addition, we are very greatful for the support of a large number of parties, enabling us to do our work.

Trade union co-financing programme 2021-2030

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs finances an important part of the work of CNV International through the trade union co-financing programme (Dutch: 'VMP'), in which we work on strengthening the position of workers on the basis of the Dialogue@Work programme.

Strategic partnership STITCH

In addition, in STITCH (Sustainable Textile Initiative: Together for Change) we are working together with Fair Wear Foundation, Mondiaal FNV, ETI (UK) organisations from Asia and other countries to improve the position of workers in the textile industry. This collaboration is empowered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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