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Decent Work

Globalisation is leading to growing international interdependence. Besides issues of international solidarity and global citizenship, mutual economic interests are increasingly driving international cooperation. As a nation that is not only (economically) dependent on the world economy but also able to influence it, the Netherlands has an interest in the sustainable creation of trade chains that ensure Decent Work.

CNV Internationaal’s mission is to contribute to Decent Work in developing countries by applying the CNV principles of international solidarity, individual responsibility, social dialogue and pluralism. CNV Internationaal achieves this strengthening of the position of workers in both the formal and informal economy through strong social partners and by promoting sustainability in the chain. In the Netherlands, CNVInternationaal – together with the CNV Federation and its trade unions – contributes to Decent Workin developing countries through lobbying, policy and awareness campaigns.

Decent Work

The concept of 'Decent Work' was introduced by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and is based on the idea that work is a source of personal dignity:

  • work ensures that people can provide for the needs of their families with respect to safety and health
  • work enables them to send their children to school
  • work also ensures income when they become ill or after they retire
  • work in which they are treated fairly and where their rights are respected


Decent Work Agenda

The ILO’s Decent Work Agenda – which is an integral part of the 'Decent Work' concept – focuses on the following four aspects:

  • promoting the basic rights of workers
  • creating suitable employment opportunities for men and women
  • improving social protection
  • strengthening social dialogue