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Niger: Re-shaping the landscape of social dialogue

Tearing down barriers to advance workers’ rights

In February 2023, CNT, our partner union in Niger, along with other trade union organisations of the Intersyndicale des Travailleurs du Niger (ITN) and the Alliance des Travailleurs du Niger (ATN), laid the groundwork for an unprecedented collaboration in a new Unité d’Action Syndicale. Halidou Mounkaila, General Secretary of CNT tells us about the importance of this collaboration.


“We realised that traditional trade union actions often yield limited results, also in light of the current difficult situation of Niger. We saw that we needed a new approach.”


Social dialogue in evolving work environments

“Now we see the synergy between both trade union coalitions has created a pivotal shift in Niger’s trade union landscape,” says the leader of CNT. Together we have come to understand how imperative inclusive social dialogue is when advocating for workers’ rights, especially in evolving work environments. 

This new Unité d’Action Syndicale has emerged as the embodiment of our collective voice. It ensures representation for all workers, irrespective of union affiliations. This step has underscored our commitment to leaving no worker behind and amplifying every voice in decisionmaking processes.”

Collaborate to achieve common goals

“We chose to prioritise unity over division, recognising the power of collaboration in achieving common goals. By fostering dialogue and tearing down barriers, we’ve laid the foundation for a more robust social dialogue and fruitful negotiations, ultimately advancing workers’ rights. The results speak for themselves: Enhanced social dialogue, fruitful negotiations, and greater protection of workers’ rights amid ongoing challenges.”


Niger Trade Unions Social Dialogue Cooperation for Workers' rights

Group work during workshop social dialogue for trade unions.

No one left behind

“This step marks a significant turning point towards respect for the principle of ‘leaving no one behind’ in trade union activities and actions. Every worker, every voice, regardless of where they come from, now has a common platform to be represented and heard.”

Publication date 28 05 2024