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Vietnam: Becoming a trainer of trainers has shown me a new path forward

The programme has equipped me with invaluable skills

In 2019, Ms Bich transitioned from a position as a researcher at the Ministry of Health to join the trade union. Motivated by her desire to use her legal expertise to protect the rights of Vietnamese workers, she worked in various departments within the union, eager to make a difference. The turning point came in August 2023, when she participated in a Training of Trainers programme facilitated by Dutch social dialogue expert Henk van Beers of CNV.

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Ms Bich, while giving a training. 

Could you tell us what sparked a change in your approach to communication with trade union members?

“The programme opened my eyes to the power of diverse communication channels and the importance of non-verbal cues. The key is to establish channels to receive feedback from workers, to listen actively, and to gain a deep understanding of their concerns. This has enhanced my ability to contribute effectively to the members in the company being more informed and engaged.”


How did you apply this in your day-to-day work as a trade unionist?

“The programme has equipped me with invaluable skills. I liked particularly the 'Seven Tips for an Effective Speech'. I have revamped my presentations to ensure they are concise and engaging, visually impactful, and include interactive questions. The response from union leaders at the basis within companies has been remarkable! They are more attentive, inspired, and eager to learn from my presentations.”

How do you envision leveraging these skills to empower your colleagues and create change within the union?

“My goal is to conduct training sessions for grassroots union officials in 2024, where we utilise the principles I learned in the Training of Trainers programme. By elevating the skills of my peers, I hope to foster a culture of innovation and excellence within the union, ultimately empowering workers and strengthening our collective impact.”

“I am eager to further refine my communication skills, particularly in social dialogue and negotiation. Mastering these techniques will enable me to better advocate for workers' rights and bring about meaningful change within the union and beyond.”


The rapid growth of the labour force in Vietnam and the transition to a market economy call for a robust and practical transformation. Now more than ever, trade unions must demonstrate that they are organisations of the workers, for the workers. 

They must show innovation and genuine concern for workers in their efforts to connect with their members. The more empowered trade union officials are, the more workers will be protected and enjoy better benefits. 

This also means that workers will trust and choose to participate in the union, helping to build a strong organisation that represents their voices.

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Publication date 28 05 2024