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It's time to improve monitoring compliance with EU trade and association agreement Central America 

Civil society organisations meet for annual review

From Tuesday the 27th to Friday the 30th of June, 2023, the Domestic Advisory Group of the European Union – a consulting body that monitors the compliance with trade and association agreements between Central American countries and the EU – meets in El Salvador with the Central American Domestic Advisory Group (made-up of representatives of civil society organisations, employers and the workforce) for the annual review of the Association Agreement.

European commission recognizes shortcomings

Action Plan

Sugarcane is one of the economically strongest agricultural exporting sectors. Nevertheless access to decent wages and occupational health and safety procedures remain scarce, especially for those working on the plantations. Therefore, an action plan is urgently needed to guarantee workers’ rights!


Monitoring the voice of the workers

To this end, CNV Internationaal is developing a new Participatory Digital Monitoring tool that offers data, figures and insight into the working conditions of workers in the sugarcane value chain. 

With this tool, we amplify the voices of those at the very beginning of the chain. We urgently call upon the DAG to listen to the voices of workers and recognize the need for change!


Publication date 28 06 2023