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An example decent work for youth

Empowering youth in Moldova

Through the project “Decent Work for YOUth - Improving the social economic situation of young people in Moldova by empowering Moldovan youth and Moldovan civil society”, CNV Internationaal contributed to youth employability in Moldova.

240 young people developed their skills for getting a better job, 400 young individuals uncertain about their career were helped to choose the right career, over 8000 people learned about the socio-economic rights of young people and how these rights can be protected.

Joint effort to empower Moldovan youth

The project was the result of a unique initiative of institutional cooperation of 3 organisations: Foundation CNV Internationaal the Association for Children and Youth “Faclia” and the National Trade Union Confederation of Moldova. These organisations joined their efforts in order to contribute to empowerment of Moldovan youth so as to improve their socio-economic situation and to involve civil society in continuous promotion of socio-economic rights of young people.

A great "Toolkit on decent work for youth", was developed for this project. It contains information on labour and human rights, a test for young potential entrepreneurs and advice on how to behave during job interviews.

Empowerment 4 employment - Decent work for youthDecent work for youth project in Moldova

The Muncă Decentă pentru TINEri” project was developed by UNASM and FACLIA in cooperation with CNV Internationaal with financial support of the European Union. The partners would like to acknowledge the generous support of the European Union in making this possible.
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