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Manual dealing with human rights violations

The ‘Ruggie Principles’: a way of effectively dealing with abuses and wrongs

The ‘Ruggie Principles’ are the UN Principles for both exposing and preventing violations of human rights in companies, sectors and industries worldwide.

The Ruggie Principles are a useful and effective resource for addressing companies about compliance with internationally recognised labour standards, especially for trade unions and works councils. Moreover, the principles provide additional possibilities for promoting the Decent Work agenda and international solidarity and collegiality.

CNV developed a manual regarding the Ruggie Principles for trade union leaders, trade union officials and members of Works Councils in the Netherlands, and, translated into English, French and Spanish, for partner organisations in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

How to put human rights into practice within your company?

Take advantage of this resource! Instead of long texts about background circumstances, we give you tips, ideas and examples to help you apply Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the chain. It is a manual for putting the principles into practice.

The manual is available on slideshare in English, Dutch, French and Spanish. So you can share them with international colleagues of foreign branches or suppliers of your company.

If you would like further information, perhaps on the possibilities of a workshop, just send a message to .

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