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CNV involved in IRBC agreements for Dutch business sectors

Businesses in the Netherlands are pulling together for more internationally responsible business conduct. IRBC agreements are one of the newest tools developed to achieve this goal. CNV is involved in the process of creating these agreements for companies, governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, and social organizations to make their supply chains sustainable and socially responsible. 

CNV is working on these agreements in cooperation with other unions, governmental agencies, trade associations, and companies. CNV sees this as an opportunity to work together with the other participating parties in order to achieve goals which can’t be achieved individually, such as:

  • Living wage
  • Stronger unions
  • Regular working days

Responsible Business Conduct Agreements CNV is involved in

  1. Textile (4 July 2016) 
  2. Banking (28 October 2016) 
  3. Promotion of sustainable forest management (22 March 2017) 
  4. Socially responsible gold  (19 June 2017)
  5. Food industry (29 June 2018) 
  6. Pensions (20 December 2018)  
  7. Natural stone (13 May 2019) 
  8. Metals (23 May 2019) 

These agreements have been signed by CNV and CNV participates actively in their related directive and social committees. 


General introduction, FAQ's  and explanation of CNV involvement in the agreements:

IRBC agreements introduction
 Textile and garments
Food  Metals
             Pension funds       
Natural Stone