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From strike to social dialogue in Mali

Involving the youth and women actively in a sustainable and constructive dialogue

That is an important goal of the partners of CNV Internationaal in Mali. Social dialogue is central in training, research and lobbying.  

Before 2017, much trade union work in Mali was about strikes. That paralysed many socio-economic activities in both the private and public sectors.  


Since 2018, CNV Internationaal has been active in Mali with a programme focused on inclusive social dialogue, in which all partners involved play an important role: government, trade unions and employers. In addition, there is a continuous focus on the position of women and youth employability.

Establishment of the Social Dialogue Council

Many working women in Africa missed out on a large part of their income during the pandemic. When the curfew was imposed, they could work far fewer hours.

It was, in particular, thanks to the efforts of women's committees that the National Council for Social Dialogue (CNDS) was able to be established in 2021. Its aim is to prevent labour conflicts and strengthen social peace in the country.  

In the course of 2022, agreements will follow on the functioning of this tripartite institution for social dialogue. The number of seats per stakeholder will also be determined then.  

Camara Sitan is a member of the UNTM (L'Union Nationale des Travailleurs du Mali). She emphasises that one of the important roles the trade union has is to identify obstacles encountered by workers in the informal sector:  


"The union can provide concrete health assistance in my sector and offer support to workers if they want to raise problems with the authorities."


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Publication date 23 06 2022