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World Day for Decent Work Webinar

A living wage for the sugarcane sector

Ensuring the inclusion of the living wage in the Bonsucro Standard is necessary if we want to maintain the credibility of the standard. But who will pay for this living wage?

The sugar market continues to grow, even during this pandemic. Yet workers still do not earn a living wage which covers their families’ basic needs. Consumers, investors, and governments are increasingly demanding that the concept of a living wage be included in the value chain of responsible companies.

To acknowledge World Day for Decent Work, CNV Internationaal is organizing a webinar with various experts, politicians, and representatives from the financial sector. The webinar is open to members of Bonsucro, interested stakeholders in the sugar sector, and the general public. The webinar will be in English, simultaneous translation into Spanish will be available.

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  • Introduction on the process for Bonsucro's Production Standard revision and suggested indicators on living wage
    By Nahuel Tunon, Standards Manager of Bonsucro
  • The initiative for a national bill on responsible trade and due diligence
    By Joel Voordewind, Dutch Member of Parliament
  • How the Dutch Platform for Living Wage and Financials is including Living Wage in their approach.
    By Peter van der Werf, international assets company Robeco, team lead engagement
  • A roadmap towards a living wage including all stakeholders
    By Carla Romeu Dalmau of IDH (Sustainable Trade Initiative )
  • Questions from the audience (through chat) and reactions from the panelists








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Publication date 22 09 2020