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WellMade sessions for procurement professionals

New workshops meet the demands around social criteria within your company

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New procurement sessions have been developed to meet the demands around social criteria in public and private purchasing practices and provides hands-on tools for procurement officers to support better working conditions.

Procurement professionals can have a significant impact on improving working conditions in the textile industry. Therefore CNV Internationaal decided to participate in the development of the WellMade project, that shows them how to use that influence. At fairs across Europe, designers, salespeople, buyers and other brand employees are joining free interactive WellMade seminars.

Through graphics and high-tech features, apparel employees learn what they can do in their day-to-day work to improve working conditions in clothing factories.

The workshop is interesting for designers, too says a participant: “I am more aware of the process and how it affects others” .

How to motivate suppliers to implement labour standards

Through innovative seminars and a supporting website, WellMade helps procurement officers in dealing with social criteria. A CSR manager appreciates the interactive nature of the workshops: “What a great idea to use iPhones.”

Quality goes hand in hand with demands to include social criteria

The WellMade project not only aims at garment professionalls, it also offers procurement version too, as in today’s procurement landscape the demands for price and quality go hand in hand with demands to include social criteria in tender processes.

New: WellMade seminars within companies

The WellMade project will be continuing its seminars have been present at fashion fairs throughout Europe. Recently the WellMade team launched a session specifically for procurement professionals. The kick-off took place at the Professional Clothing Show in Birmingham, UK. Visitors and exhibitors of the Birmingham fair learned how to motivate their suppliers to respect and implement labour standards – and ensure that they do. They received hands on tools to have a positive impact on labour conditions in clothing supply chains. According to a salesperson:

“Particularly the part
where they explained
what the various actors
in the chain can do
was interesting”

It's also possible to book a WellMade session within your company!

Contact or +31 (0) 20 408 425.

WellMade website informs procurement professionals

On the Wellmade website procurement professionals can find more information on making socially responsible choices.

Funded by European Union

The WellMade project is funded by the European Union. The seminars and supporting website are organised by CIR, CNV Internationaal, SOMO, Ethical Trading Initiative and Fair Wear Foundation.

The partners would like to acknowledge the generous support of the European Union in making WellMade possible. This website reflects the views only of the authors, and the Union cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Publication date 27 08 2014