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Webinar: Next steps towards sustainable rice production in Cambodia

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On Monday July 10th at 10 am (CEST) the parties of the Food Agreement will organize an inspiring webinar on Rice Production and processing in Cambodia. The Centre will present findings from the Human Rights Assessment of the production and processing of rice in Cambodia.

Assessment of Human Rights Risks 

The Centre for Child Rights and Business (The Centre), commissioned by Global March Against Child Labour, realized an Assessment of Human Rights Risks in the Production and Processing of Rice in Cambodia

This report reflects the findings 

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The Sustainble Rice Platform will also share their reflections on the assessment and will share recommendations for a more sustainable rice production. 

Join this webinar to learn more about your rice supply chain from Cambodia, and get inspired by the way to go forward. There will be plenty of room for questions and answers.

CNV Internationaal and Global March Against Child Labour will host this webinar.


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Retail and rice importers, traders and processors are invited to join this webinar

About the agreement for the Food Products Sector

Sector and civil society organisations, trade unions and the Dutch national government have signed the International RBC Agreement for the Food Products Sector. Together, they will minimise the risks of negative impacts, including human rights violations and environmental damage, and work towards a more sustainable production chain in the food products sector.

Learn more on the special  International RBC Agreements website 

Publication date 29 06 2023