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Climate change affects us all, how do we protect workers worldwide from negative impact?

The CNV team updates you via Twitterspace on #JustTransition an important subject of this year's International Labor Conference #ILC2023 in Geneva.


Every year in June, workers, employers and governments from 185 countries around the world gather to discuss and agree on decent work (fair work).


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Welcome to next the #JustTransition Talks with Lebogang Mulaisi from COSATU South Africa, Lottie van Kelle of CNV and Maurice van Beers of CNV Internationaal.

In just 15 minutes we will discuss outcomes of the #ILC2023 International Labour Conference, the only tripartite place at global level where workers, employers and governments from around the world meet.

When? Monday 19th June - 17.30-17.45h

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Publication date 05 06 2023