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Eliminating forced labour in our world

CNV Internationaal is against modern-day slavery and forced labour—aren’t you?!

The international organisation regarding labour issues (ILO) wants to see all forms of forced labour eliminated worldwide. ILO insists, “Workers must act out of free will when performing their work.” Responding in the same vein, Arend van Wijngaarden, Vice-President of CNV Internationaal says, “Forced labour needs to be eliminated. CNV Internationaal agrees with this goal.”

50 countries for Freedom

The ILO has started this campaign. The aim is - before the end of 2018 - to get 50 countries to sign a petition showing their solidarity in eliminating all forms of modern-day slavery in their country.


CNV Internationaal is joining this campaign to see 50 global leaders rid their countries of slavery.

Join this fight against forced labour too! Sign the petition and share it through your social media.

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Publication date 10 10 2018