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About ending gender-based violence at work

The impressive campaigns of CNV Internationaal's partner unions in Benin and Senegal, will be  integrated as a source of inspiration for other unions, in a forthcoming book by Jane Pillinger.  The campaigns focus on the ratification of ILO Convention 190 that aims to prevent and stop gender-based violence and harassment at work. The book Pillinger is writing, together with Robin Runge and Chidi King, will be published next year with the title: ‘The global campaign to outlaw gender-based violence and harassment at work.’ The chapter about our partners' campaigns can be read here. 

Jane Pillinger

Jane Pillinger is a global expert on gender equality and gender-based violence at work. We are grateful that we are allowed to publish the chapter about the campaigns from COSI Benin and UDTS Senegal in advance.

Publication date 23 07 2021