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what is the partnership for equality and justice

Civic Engagement Alliance

Partnership for equality and justice

We believe that civil society organizations are paramount for an equal and just society. The Civic Engagement Alliance is a joint collaboration between Dutch and Southern civil society organizations to contribute to inclusive development, reaching the most vulnerable members of society. The name of its programme is “Strategic Partnership for Dialogue and Dissent”.  

The alliance is made up of trade unions, education and development organizations that have a link to (Christian) organizations and constituencies in the Netherlands and other similar international networks.

The alliance’s members contribute their expertise in the fields of inclusive development, capacity development, labour rights, strengthening small-scale farmers, vocational training and working with the private sector, with a focus on the agri-food sector.  

Strengthening local voices

Local organizations enable voices to be heard, especially those of women, youth, small-scale farmers and workers, people living with disabilities, indigenous and other groups that are often excluded.

Globally, however, local organizations are losing space and the opportunity to express themselves. The alliance seeks to strengthen them so that they can influence government policy and follow its implementation with a critical eye.

Projects - examples from Indonesia

Better working conditions for plantation workers

In Indonesia the Alliance works together with the trade union organization HUKATAN to improve the working conditions of labourers on palm-oil plantations and in the horticultural sector (tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers). The activities are devoted to raising companies’ awareness about working conditions and improving the government’s labour policy.

Case studies in Indonesia reveal serious labour rights violations in palm oil sector (clickable index)

Palming off responsiblity - Labour rights violations in Indonesian Palm Oil Sector Negotiating the EU-Indonesia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) – a trade union update (ITUC website 26-09-2017) ETUC follow up letter to EU commissioner Malström - 30 August 2017 CNV Internationaal Letter to the European Commission - june 2017 ETUC letter to EU commissioner Malström - 17 January 2017


The Civic Engagement Alliance is a joint collaboration between 11 Dutch organizations in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The organizations are: CNV Internationaal, Edukans, ICCO Cooperation, Kerk in Actie, Prisma, Wilde Ganzen, Woord en Daad, Light for the World, Leprazending, Red een Kind and Tear.

 The programme runs from 2016 to the end of 2020

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