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Response to the SEP: A road under construction for miners' rights

Public statement


On the 17th of May 2022, for the first time ever, in a quest to make precarious working conditions in the mines in Colombia and Peru visible, trade union organisations, together with CNV Internationaal, have filed a complaint with the EU's complaint mechanism (called Single Entry Point) . 

These mines produce the coal and metals that play such a crucial role in the European Union’s energy supply.


One of the key issues in this complaint is the obvious breach in both countries of the labour conditions of subcontracted workers, in particular on the right to equality and the exercise of freedom of association, compared to those employed directly by the mining companies.



On the 20th of March 2024, almost two years later, the European Commission announced a series of actions to be taken with the Peruvian government as a result of this complaint presented by CNV Internationaal and the unions" to the Single Entry Point.

At the first sight, it is unclear whether the proposed actions have the ability to address the issues which form the basis of the original complaint. Further engagement with the Commission will be necessary to determine whether and by when these actions have the potential to deliver.

We also regret that neither the local unions or CNV Internationaal have been formally consulted on the substance of the actions. CNV Internationaal hopes that this  will be better addressed in the development of the actions with the Government of Colombia.

However, CNV Internationaal and its partner organisations remain available to work constructively together with the European Commission, the government of Peru and the government of Colombia, while developing and implementing a final roadmap.


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Publication date 26 03 2024