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Violence against women in the workplace

CNV Internationaal presents report on violence against women at the workplace

CNV Internationaal issues a report on violence against women at the workplace.

The extensive research includes different formts of violence against women at the work place: physical, psychological and verbal sexual harassment, varying from (atemps) for rape, to gossiping with sexual content and from "accidental" body contact to promises for promotion in return for sexual favor.

Research was done in four countries on four different continents: Honduras (Latin America), Indonesia (Asia), Moldova (Eastern Europe) and Benin (Africa). Based on the results of the CNV International report concludes that the current regulations are not sufficient to tackle the problem adequately.

Enforcement is weak

The report concludes that although there is some legislation in some countries, its enforcement is very weak. The challenge is to bring this legislation actually better in practice. "But also a cultural change is necessary," stresses CNV vice-president Van Wijngaarden. "Women often do not dare to go the formal route. On the one hand this is because, sadly, violence and intimidation have become accustomed. On the other hand, they fear the eventual consequences that can have a report. The woman will be fired anyway."

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Amsterdam and locally by the Wage Indicator Foundation.

CNV calls for better regulation through ILO

CNV Internationaal issued the research in the lead up to the World Day for Decent Work on 7 October. The report was presented to Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), who received the report from CNV vice president Arend van Wijngaarden. Together with the ITUC, CNV Internationaal calls for better regulation through the ILO (the UN labour organisation).

Van Wijngaarden advocated at the Congress of the international trade union movement ITUC, in Sao Paolo for better international regulations to address violence against women in the workplace. "The ILO – the Labor Organization of the United Nations - should make these regulations."

The full report in English and parts of it in French and Spanish

The Report Violence against Women in the Workplace (integral report slideshare)

Violence against Women in the Workplace, A survey by CNV Internationaal, University of Amsterdam (AIAS) (PDF)

Wage Indicator Foundation (integral report English PDF)

La violence envers les femmes au travail au Bénin (PDF)

La violencia contra la mujer en el lugar de trabajo en Honduras PDF

Publication date 06 10 2015