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Making facts work for workers


When negotiating with the management of the company, it is important for trade unions to be able to indicate exactly what the situation is and substantiate their claims with reliable data, leading to a much stronger position in question about proposals to improve the circumstances.

For example, when discussing living wage, the predictable response from the employer side is of course: What will it cost and who is going to pay for it? Data is needed to calculate what the situation is now and what it will really cost to make a living wage part of the standard and what companies must contribute to a living wage in the sugar sector.

And, very importantly, good data makes it possible to contribute to greater transparency of the entire international value chain.

But what is a simple, cheap and quick way to get this kind of useful information on the table? To answer that question, CNV Internationaal consulted Data4Development to jointly develop data-driven dialogue in this sector, and hopefully, others in the future.


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