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Guaranteeing a just transition towards renewable energy for all parties

A multi-stakeholder approach to improve the labour conditions in the metals mines

Just transition is a necessary step in securing the availability of extractives in a sustainable way, which influences the metals and renewables supply chain directly. In the Netherlands and EU new (upcoming) legislation on critical minerals and metals will drastically influence the business strategies of companies throughout the supply chain. 


In this side session we will examine partnerships in metals and renewable energy supply chains from the Netherlands, which help make the adjustments towards a sustainable business climate. 

These International Responsible Business Conduct Agreements let companies, governments, and trade unions work together, to improve adverse impacts within the metals supply chain. 

The first collective project from this multistakeholder cooperative initiative is a fact, a good example on how trade unions and companies can achieve maximum impact in due diligence and supply chain management.

CNV Internationaal has been active in the mines in Bolivia, Colombia and Peru to implement Freedom of Association and improve labour conditions, especially occupational health and safety. 

Don’t miss this participative session where multidisciplinary experts will explain the theory, share practical experiences, and answer questions on the topics of OSH, due diligence, just transition, multi-stakeholder approaches and solutions.

Programme and speakers



Welcome and introduction


Dutch policies on responsible metals and minerals
- National Raw Material Strategy
- Greater sustainability of international supply chains

By Sita Djelantik

Senior policy officer raw materials

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

Sita Djelantik is working as Senior Policy Officer Raw Materials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. As part of the DG for International Cooperation, her work focuses on making supply chains of metals and minerals more sustainable. 



Joint Due Diligence Approach; company perspective  

- Online due diligence portal
- Stakeholders/ company first hand experience


By Peter Suasso de Lima de Prado

Head of Sustainability Office
Tata Steel Netherlands

Responsible for general sustainability strategy and policy development, certification, and reporting

Peter works on embedding sustainability in business by combining sustainability knowledge and skills with lifelong commercial and operational experience in global industrial supply chains.


Forseen impacts of the global energy transition

Mitigating OSH risks through multi-stakeholder project


By Maurice van Beers, 

Strategic Policy Lead, Coordinator Latin America
CNV Internationaal

Strategic policy lead and coordinates CNV Internationaal’s programs on just transition, living wages and digital monitoring in the mining and agro-food supply chains. Learn more>


Panel of experts on multi stakeholder dialogue 

Zoë Frisvold

Policy Advisors at Public and Regulatory Affairs 


Zoë Frisvold is a Policy Advisor in the Public and Regulatory Affairs department of Vattenfall, where she deals with the EU’s regulatory framework related to sustainability. Before joining Vattenfall, Zoë worked at the Directorate General for Energy of the European Commission.

Glen Mpufane

DGOJP Director, mining and OHS lead; IndustriAll  

OHS Lead for IndustriALL Global Union  

Mpufane leads the global union’s mining sector global engagement around the world of work, environmental, social and governance (ESG), Supply Chain Human Rights Due Diligence, climate change and IR 4.0 impacts.   

Olga van Leeuwen

Senior policy officer / project lead @ Secretariat International RBC Agreement for the Metals Sector 

Experienced in facilitating multi-stakeholder conversations and supporting companies with implementing the OECD Guidances. 


Q & A and wrap up


Eva Smulders

International RBC advisor; CNV Internationaal

Senior advisor at CNV Internationaal on Responsible Business Conduct and an active contributor in several covenants advising companies on Human Rights Due Diligence.



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Tuesday 25 April 2023

5.30-7.00 pm CET



OECD Headquarters



The entrance is located at:

2, rue André Pascal

75016 Paris


Spanish interpretation available


Tuesday 25 April 2022

5.30-7.00 pm CET


Spanish interpretation available


OECD Headquarters



The entrance is located at

2, rue André Pascal

75016 Paris


If you want to participate in this partner session, you need to register for the OECD Forum at the OECD-website: 2023 Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains (