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Involving stakeholders to eliminate Gender Based Violence at the WorkPLACE

On the occasion of World Day for Decent Work CNV Internationaal organised a broad stakeholder meeting and a working session on Gender Based Violence at the workfloor. Representatives of trade unions, the Dutch government, private sector, knowledge institutes and civil society organisations participated in a very rich debate about what would be the most effective way to eliminate Gender Based Violence at the workfloor. 

Marieke Koning, gender specialist at the International Trade Union Confederation ITUC introduced the current situation. CNV Internationaal and WO=MEN gender platform then invited the participating stakeholders to exchange and identify elements to develop a mutual strategy to create broad support for an ILO convention on the elimination of Gender Based Violence at the work floor. During our round table we learned from different perspectives where the problems lie and – maybe even more important – what we can do to contribute to end violence at the workfloor. Furthermore we discussed the process towards the upcoming ILO convention on ending violence against men and women


Gender based violence continues to be one of the most harrowing forms of abuse of human rights where labor is concerned. According to a study CNV Internationaal performed in four countries on four continents into violence on the work floor victims of this violence are not inclined to report it to the authorities often because of the fear of retribution.

There is no international standard

Many countries have adopted laws against this specific form of violence, but in practice these are often insufficient. There is, however, no international standard that could be the foundation for better regulations.

Towards an ILO convention 

This is why the Governing Body of the International Labour Organisation ILO decided in November 2015 to put a standard setting item on the agenda of the 2018 International Labour Conference (ILC), under the name of 'Violence against women and men in the world of work'. CNV Internationaal, together with trade union partner organisations, wants to focus on this topic in the run-up to the 2018 ILC.

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