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Improving working conditions together

CNV Internationaal receives funding for its activities from various sources: 


  • CNV Internationaal is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands within the framework of the Trade Union Co-financing Programme for the implementation of its projects. Learn more on our current programme 'Dialogue@Work'. 
  • CNV International, together with the Fair Wear Foundation and Mondiaal FNV,  also started the Strategic Partnership for Garment Supply Chain Transformation an innovative programme by Fair Wear Foundation, CNV Internationaal and Mondiaal FNV, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  • Furthermore, CNV International participated in the Civic Engagement Alliance (Strategic Partnership Alliance) funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 2016-2020. Learn more.
  • Various projects of CNV Internationaal with local partners in Cambodia, Colombia and Moldova, have been made possible thanks to a financial contribution from the European Union.
  • Many CNV members and sympathizers are involved in the work of CNV International. They contribute as a friend and donor to the work of union colleagues throughout the world.
  • In Dutch Collective Bargaining Agreements in different economic sectors, various CNV organisations regularly make arrangements for contributions to the work of employee organizations elsewhere. This is what we call International Collegiality.


Public Benefit Organisation

CNV Internationaal is recognized as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI) in the Netherlands. The approval came into effect on January 12, 2012.