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CNV Internationaal against President of Guatemala's decision


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CNV Internationaal against President of Guatemala’s decision 

The President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, has issued a presidential decree stating his decision to dissolve the committee against impunity (the CICIG), which was established by the United Nations. This UN committee is one of the few agencies that challenges the growing corruption in Guatemala.

Arend van Wijngaarden, Vice-President of CNV Internationaal says, “CNV Internationaal strongly believes it is essential to maintain this legal assessment framework in Guatemala. The work done by our partner unions cannot succeed or even function if there is no working independent system to uphold the law.” 

CNV Internationaal has joined various European groups in signing the statement drawn up by Impunity Watch [link to statement here] against Morales’ decision.

Van Wijngaarden states, “Obviously we need to encourage social dialogue in this matter, for the sake of CNV Internationaal and our programmes in Guatemala. Keeping systems for maintaining law  and order is essential in this fight.” 

On 31 August 2018 President Jimmy Morales decided not to extend the mandate of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG). 

Subsequently, on 4 September 2018, the Guatemalan authorities denied the Commissioner of the CICIG, Iván Velásquez, access to the country.

joint statement

Joint Statement on Guatemalan President's Decision Not to Renew the Mandate of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG)  and Barring the Entry of Commissioner Ivan Velasquez into Guatemala.

On 31 August 2018, President Jimmy Morales issued a decision not to renew the mandate of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG). Subsequently, on 4 September 2018, the Guatemalan authorities barred the Commissioner of the CICIG, Iván Velásquez, from entering the country.

International organisations based in Europe that cooperate on Guatemala are gravely concerned that these recent decisions seriously undermine the rule of law and puts the independence of the Guatemalan justice system at risk.

In a Joint Statement, 13 organisations call on the European Union and its Members States to, among others, demand that Guatemala comply with its international obligations and guarantee the necessary conditions for Commissioner Iván Velásquez and the CICIG to continue their work safely and independently (all the more important, given the essential support the CICIG gives to other key Guatemalan institutions working to uphold the rule of law, including the Public Prosecutor’s Office, independent judges, and the Human Rights Ombudsman). 

It further calls on them to see to it that the state of Guatemala respects the human rights of its citizens and does not return to the violent, repressive and undemocratic practices of the past.

The full text of the statement is available here in English and Spanish: 


Statement to the President of GuatemalaStatement to the President of Guatemala in Spanish

Publication date 06 09 2018