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H&M responds positively to social dialogue in Cambodian factories

CNV International had a meeting with a representative of the garment brand Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) to discuss possibilities to strengthen social dialogue in Cambodia, aimed at improving the employment rights and working conditions of garment workers in factories producing for H&M. "And there's a positive reaction," said Marieke de Vries Den Hollander.

De Vries Den Hollander talked to H&M’s Sustainability Manager Sarah Hopkins about how brands are collaborating through the ACT group to explore the possibilities of collective bargaining in Cambodia. ACT (Action, Collaboration, Transformation) is an initiative of international brands and retailers, manufacturers and trade unions to address issues such as living wages in the textile and clothing industry. 

De Vries Den Hollander: "H&M is already working with its stakeholders in Cambodia to ensure well-functioning industrial relations, fair pay systems and health and safety improvements in factories producing for the brand. H&M is willing to examine the possibility to address at factory-level issues related to violence against women and health and safety at work.

Factories producing for H&M in Cambodia must comply with minimum requirements protecting workers’ rights, such as a minimum wage, no excessive overtime, on time payment of salaries, but also: maternity leave, no child or forced labour and no unauthorised subcontracting. 

H&M works with its business partners and trade unions (through its Global Framework Agreement) to drive further improvements. 

Publication date: 2017-03-23

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