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Trade union advisor assassinated in Cambodia


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On 10 July, Kem Ley was murdered in Cambodia. He was a well-known analyst and commentator. With his knowledge and experience, Kem worked also as a consultant for a joint trade union project of CNV Internationaal and Cambodian partner organisation CLC, a project financed by the EU.

 In a letter of condolence to his widow, chairman Pieter de Vente of CNV Internationaal wrote: "We greatly appreciate his contribution to the advisory committee of our project, because of his knowledge of Cambodian society and his extensive experience in the area of socio-economic development and the role of trade unions. He was a very sympathetic and professional man to work with, because of his constructive approach, both inside the advisory committee and outside."

Kem Ley was shot dead in broad daylight in a shop. The authorities claim that the police have arrested a man who has made a confession. The motives for the assassination are still unknown

Publication date 12 07 2016