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Cooperating at various levels

CNV Internationaal is part of an extensive trade union network at different levels both within the Netherlands and abroad. We also cooperate with a variety of organisations on the field of labour and social responsibility.

Trade union networks 

CNV Confederation and CNV federations in the Netherlands

CNV Internationaal is a department of CNV Confederation (Vakcentrale CNV).  CNV federations in different private and public sectors are affiliated to CNV:

Trade union partnerorganisations worldwide

CNV Internationaal currently mainly cooperates with trade union organisations and non-profit labour NGO's in:

  • Africa (Benin, Guinea,  Mali, Niger, Senegal, Tunesia, Ivoy Coast)
  • Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam)
  • Latin America (Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru) 


ITUC - Trade Unions Worldwide

At international level CNV confederation is afiliated to the International Trade Union Confederation ITUC. The ITUC counts 190 million members. In November 2006, the ITUC emerged from the world trade union organizations WCL and the ICFTU. Currently (2021) the ITUC has 200 million members in 163 countries and has 332 national affiliates. The ITUC adheres to the principles of trade union democracy and independence. Trade union partners of CNV Internationaal are also afiliated to the ITUC and based on the same principles of democracy and independence.

ETUC - European Trade Unions

At European level CNV confederation is affiliated to the European Trade Union Confederation.

Working together with CSR organisations

CNV Internationaal also works together with a variety of organisaties in the field of labour and social responsiblity, such as: 

MVO Platform

CNV is a member of this CSR platform which consists of a coalition of social organisations. The MVO Platform i.e. issues a CSR frame of reference.


Fairfood works to make supermarket products more sustainable. It provides information to consumers and checks how fair a product is. CNV Internationaal and Fairfood  investigated labour conditions at the beginning of the vanilla supply chain in Madagascar in December 2016.

Fair Wear 

Fair Wear Foundation is an initiative created by trade unions, NGOs and trade organisations. Fair Wear is a multi-stakeholder initiative for improving the textile chains. Various textile/fashion companies are members. CNV Vakmensen has seats on the board while CNV Internationaal sits on the Committee of Experts. Fair Wear Foundation, CNV Internationaal and Mondiaal FNV jointly set up the Strategic Partnership for garment supply chain transformation (2016-2020). In 2021 a renewed partnership started: Sustainable Textile Initiative: Together for Change (STITCH) with a common vision: a global textile and garment industry that contributes to an equal and just society by respecting human rights in the world of work. STITCH consists of 6 partners: two labour rights organisations -- CDI in Vietnam and Cividep in India; two Dutch unions -- CNV Internationaal and Mondiaal FNV; and two multi stakeholder initiatives -- Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) in the UK and Fair Wear in The Netherlands.

MVO Nederland

MVO Nederland is the national knowledge and network organisation for corporate social responsibility, it is the starting point for entrepreneurs who wish to make their business practices sustainable. CNV Internationaal provides input for the CSR risk check tool that analyses CSR risks of doing business abroad.

Wage Indicator Foundation

The objective of the WageIndicator Foundation is to contribute to a more transparent labour market for workers and employers. WageIndicator compares and shares labour market information through (online & offline) surveys and desk research. It serves as an online library for wage information, labour law and career advice. The WageIndicator Foundation is assisted by universities, trade unions and employers’ organisations and currently operates in over 70 countries. CNV Internationaal contributed to the launching of national Wage Indicator websites – together with its trade union partners I in various countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


The Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) is an independent, not-for-profit research and network organisation working on social, ecological and economic issues related to sustainable development. SOMO investigates multinational corporations and the consequences of their activities for people and the environment around the world. For Dutch companies it is difficult to investigatie the situation in the entire supply chain from start to finish of their products. In June 2017 y SOMO and CNV Internationaal published a research on labour rights in Indonesian palmoil industry.

True Price 

True Price is developing and testing a valuation method for uncovering social and ecological costs and help companies to calculate and show their social and ecological costs, in order to improve their decision making. CNV Internationaal works together with True Price especially regarding the economic value of social dialogue and the uncovering of social costs.


The Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) works to create a sustainable capital market, a market that considers not only the financial criteria but also the social and environmental criteria. The VBDO increases the awareness of multinationals and investors about their contribution to a sustainable capital market. VBDO, ICCO, CNV Internationaal and PwC have been organising various international conferences on Human Rights & Business. Each year the HUMAN partners organise various round table meetings on Human Rights and Business.

WO = MEN Dutch Gender Platform

WO = MEN is working on the sustainable tackling of underlying causes of injustice in the world and a shift in power relations, involving both men and women. CNV International works with WO = MEN to combat gender-related violence at work. CNV International is a member of the WO = MEN Dutch Gender Platform.


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