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Outsourcing in minerals supply chains

Identify and understand the hidden risks

Outsourcing can involve risks which lead to violations of labour rights, moreover, these outsourcing practices can often be difficult to identify through standard due diligence measures.

Learn more about this issue following the case of outsourcing in poly metal mining in Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia: 


Webinar | Stakeholder event on outsourcing

high risks of outsourcing of mine workers

In a virtual session we present a case study on outsourcing at the beginning of minerals supply chains, in polymetal mining industry in Peru, Colombia and Bolivia.

Various participants of the Dutch IRBC Agreements, a multi-stakeholder initiative consisting of companies, investors, and trade unions are sharing their experience.

During this event registered last 29th of April panelists shared their  best practices and perspectives on how to mitigate the risks related to outsourcing in the mining value chain.

  • Elles van Ark, directora CNV Internationaal
  • Frank Wagemans, senior engagement specialist Achmea investment management
  • Tonnis J. Poppema, global head of compliance, Nyrstar
  • Olga van Leeuwen, project lead, secretariat of the international RBC agreement for metals sector, SER
  • Fabiana Di Lorenzo, director responsible sourcing, Levin Sources. (moderator)

To watch this webinar:

Watching the story of outsourced miners in Peru

To give you an understanding of the situation of outsourced miners just watch their stories in these animated videos.


Case Study on outsourcing of mine workers in Peru, Colombia and Bolivia

To identify and understand the hidden risks in mining supply chains: check our case study on polymetal mining in Latin-America.


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