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IRBC Agreement Natural Stone

IRBC Agreement

The TruStone Initiative

The natural stone sector in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) consists of several hundred companies that specialise in importing and processing natural stone or derived products. These include kitchen counter tops, tombstones, monuments, tiling, fa├žades and kerbs. Natural stone is mainly extracted and processed in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Its production regularly involves environmental damage and the violation of human and labour rights. The Dutch and Flemish natural stone sector has made agreements with the Dutch and Flemish governments, NGOs and trade unions for the responsible production and purchasing of natural stone. This joint initiative has been named the TruStone Initiative.

  • Start: 1 October 2019
  • Duration: the TruStone Initiative has a duration of five years
  • Parties involved: companies and trade associations in the natural stone sector; the Dutch and Flemish governments; trade unions; and NGOs
  • Secretariat: Dutch Social and Economic Council (SER)
  • Core tasks for CNV: Participating in the Steering Committee; sharing knowledge and local network for the sake of due diligence; raising the most important risks of infringement on human and labour rights; contributing to constructive solutions.

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