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Increasing youth employability

CNV Internationaal aims to increase access to decent jobs for disadvantaged youth, by actively participating in policy dialogue on youth employability and the development of personal skills. The private sector’s commitment, in terms of vocational training and internship programmes is relevant as well.

Various intermediate steps are required to reach this. Trade unions and youth organisations need to build negotiation power, which they need to convince governments to develop (youth) employability policies. Government policies need to address the needs and interests of youth and should be based on consultations with trade unions and youth organisations. Furthermore, budget needs to be dedicated to implementing initiatives and programmes geared towards youth employability.

Trade unions need a strong voice for the youth to increase the attention on youth employability in negotiations with the private sector. Skills development programmes by employers can be encouraged via multi-stakeholder initiatives on employability, promoting the role of the private sector. Plus, companies will be made aware of and will take up their role in developing youth employability. In the new programme, particular attention will be paid to representing young (potential) workers in social dialogue.

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