Update: Adidas and Prenatal sign Bangladesh Safety Accord


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More than 100 clothing brands have signed the Bangladesh Safety Accord (Fire and Building Safety Agreement) since its introduction,

with Adidas joining them at the end of October and Prenatal at the end of November. This is crucial for improving the working conditions of Bengalese labourers. H&M is the largest clothing purchaser in Bangladesh; the new signatures on the Accord will only increase the pressure on other brands. This is a fantastic result after a lot of work behind the scenes from trade union organisations and the Clean Clothes Campaign, with which CNV is also affiliated. The Accord contains all the essential elements for improving safety in Bengalese clothing factories:
•    Independent and transparent factory inspections with published reports;

•    Requirement to rectify defects in the buildings;

•    Revision of existing legislation and safety regulations.

A crucial element of the Accord is that brands must commit to paying out for renovation work to make their factories safe places to work, meaning the agreement will save human lives!

Who’s next?

Call upon the last remaining brands – such as De Bijenkorf, Wibra, Coolcat and Gap to sign the international Safety Accord.

Publicatiedatum 28 11 2013